We are delighted Mari has joined our Laser team and we know you'll love her as much as we do!

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HIFU facial

We are beyond delighted with the results from our new HIFU system. This is the only non-invasive treatment able to target the SMAS layer- typically the layer a surgeon would lift during a facelift.

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Why does laser tattoo removal cause whitening?

‘Frosting’ or whitening of the tattoo pigment is the reaction caused by the laser penetrating the ink.

The laser heats the ink pigment, which creates gas bubbles. This gas rises to the surface of the skin and is released in the form of carbon dioxide. Whilst this might look a little alarming, there is no cause for concern and in most cases only lasts 15-20 minutes

HIFU arms

What can we say? The results speak for themselves!! These are our very own Ruthie’s arms after two sessions.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

From all our team to you
Just in case you missed one of us, here’s a list of all the fabulous people we have in our building at Laser Clinic North Wales

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